Thinking About What I Want to Do to get my Shape

I have been spending a bit of time working at the hospital lately. I have a part time job at this nook where they serve coffee. Of course I have been thinking about whether or not I want to be involved in the health care industry. I know a couple of the doctors and a lot of the nurses. They let me watch a little while they were working today. Of course I was not allowed near the serious patients. One guy had the sort of hypertension type associated with the elderly and he seemed to be quite normal on the outside, at least he was really nice and got around pretty well for a man who was probably close to eighty five years of age. At least I think that most people would be happy if they could make it that far in life and still be able to get around fairly well.

In fact there are a lot of things to worry about if you have a job in a hospital. I have been thinking that it would be a lot better to work in a regular medical office. You can take that ebola scare that they have right now as an extreme example. People get sick in hospitals and if you hang around in a hospital you meet a lot of people who might give you something nasty. In fact it is pretty much like all of these bacteria and viruses go to hospitals to get stronger and even nastier. They go to hospitals and learn how to beat all the stuff that the doctors do to defeat them. You end up with super bacteria that eat flesh and laugh at anti biotics. It is a lot safer if you do not hang in this sort of place.