Testing the Limits of the Body

On the rock climbing wall, I always like to push myself beyond my limits, for better or worse. There’s something inside me that always look for a challenge, and I’ll test my body to see how far I can take it. Often this results in injuries, but you can’t expect to get anywhere without a little pain. Things like leg cramps and sore elbows won’t stop me, but a back problem nearly did. I pulled my back while reaching for a rock on the wall, and had to come down. I eventually went to the Oceanside chiropractors for treatment.

Initially, I didn’t want to go to the chiropractor. I wanted to rest for a little bit and try to climb the wall again. I figured it was nothing but a simple cramp that would go away, a very painful cramp. But at time passed, the pain was still there. Anytime I raised my arm, I would feel the pain in my back, and it was excruciating. I had to concede and take off my climbing harness. This was a limit that I wasn’t able to get past, no matter how much determination and will power I used. I had to accept my defeat and let my body recover.

The chiropractor was glad that I came in and didn’t try to push through the pain, because I would have caused an even more serious injury to happen that would have increased my recovery time and possible resulted in the need for surgery. I was given some medication to take to ease the pain and a brace to wear. It felt weird to walk around with a back brace, but I had to follow the chiropractor’s orders. After a month, I was able to take the brace off permanently and get back onto the climbing wall to test my limits again.