Choosing a Skincare Clinic

There some potential risks with this procedure that consist of burns, abrasions, and even skin discoloration specifically on darker-skinned people. It does not work effectively on red, gray and blonde hair. Furthermore, it is not suggested for people with dark skin tones or those who tan themselves.

Occasionally, other people may not respond appropriately to the treatment. Bear in mind that there are some establishments that claim to be laser hair removal clinics. These supposed specialists even claim that they have pain-free, permanent and no re-growth procedure but these statements are illegal according to the FDA. However, there is no regulation on this matter as well as training or quality control, so there is a great risk for physical harm and the loss of money for improper procedure.

If looking for clinics, be sure to interview the physician during their free in-office consultation. Your concerns should include pain relief, costs and fees, and post-treatment. Also, ask regarding the devices they use and the training they have gone through. Check if the clinic is clean, organized and well-staffed. Observe the service and demeanor of the physician and insist that you get a test patch done so you will have an idea about the procedure before making commitments. Take time to shop around for several clinics in order to save money and the get best possible outcome and experience.