A Brief Look at the Importance of Child Proof Containers

Pharmaceutical companies for may years now have been required by law to package all of their products in child resistant packaging, with child resistant caps that keep children from opening them. Unfortunately, however, there are numerous types of products that may potentially be dangerous to children that are not required by federal law to be packaged in child proof containers with child resistant caps because they may be harmful if ingested by children. Companies that are planning to market their products in Europe or Asia, however, may find that these requirements change and are much more strict.

If you are unsure of whether or not your present packaging meets with child safety standards or are looking to improve your packaging to meet with current safety standards, you should consult an independent laboratory that can help you run tests, collect data and provide you with data from marketing studies that will help you get your child proof packaging needs addressed. If you are selling products that are extremely small and present a choking hazard, they really should be packaged in child proof packaging. Another type of product that should be packaged in a child proof container is anything that is poisonous or potentially harmful to a child who might try to ingest it. If you are producing and marketing products that meet either of the descriptions above you may have to submit your product for child safety protocol testing and if your child proof containers and child resistant caps do not pass these protocols you could be looking at fines and costly penalties. If you would like to ensure that your child proof packaging is in compliance with present child proof testing protocols, you will need to consult a testing laboratory that can provide you with the information and services you need. By consulting a research laboratory you can benefit from a number of services including testing of the effectiveness of your current packaging, consultation on how to improve the design of your packaging and even marketing studies that can provide your company with much needed data concerning which child proof containers are most trusted and preferred by consumers.

The Essentials of Containers

Whenever you are marketing a product that is potentially dangerous to children, it is extremely important that your product packaging, your child proof containers and child resistant caps, meet with approved safety standards. If you fail to meet such standards it could end up being quite costly for your company, in terms of fines and penalties levied by state and federal agencies. For more information about child proof containers all you need to do is search the Internet for the website of an independent laboratory that provides child resistant packaging testing and other important services that can help you assess the effectiveness and compliance of your product packaging. Or you can just perform a search engine search for more information about child proof containers.